Montmartre by night

Montmartre, Vue sur le Sacré-Coeur

Le Sacré-Coeur from Montmartre’s streets

Here I am again, wandering in Montmartre, but this time by night !

In my latest post, I was praising Montmartre for its view, its lively streets, its oddly shaped basilica which I definitely love, and all the street performers you could find there. Well, I had forgotten one thing to love about Montmartre: that it has a totally different face by night, which makes it twice as wonderful as you’d think it is were you to visit it only by daytime.

If you come in the late hours of the day, you’ll most certainly still find many people walking by the streets. Anyway, progressively, as the night falls, Montmartre’s streets will empty, and the atmosphere will suddenly lose its usual warmth and animation for a more secret, dark, and even almost gloomy ambiance. This gloomy atmosphere, sometimes a bit creepy, but never dreary, makes Montmartre even more fascinating. It makes the place feel like it’s timeless, even more when it’s drizzling. All that is missing is some ghosts.

Of course, if you ever come to Montmartre late at night, I must advise you to be a bit careful: even though you won’t find any ghost, you may come across some drunk creatures, or even have a car accident if, like me, you love taking long-exposure pictures with a tripod in the middle of the road, but this is another story. Anyway, my advice is simple: even if Montmartre by night is fascinating and maybe even quite romantic, still, beware !

Otherwise, it’s a visit that is definitely worth one night of your lifetime. Ah, so much to visit and do in Paris !

Montmartre, le Sacré Coeur

Le Sacré-Coeur

Un lampadaire, Montmartre

Paris from Montmartre

Montmartre, toiles

Spiderwebs on a lamppost 

Montmartre, Stairway

Stairways to Montmartre


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