Paris in flower

Pink flowers

Pink flowers of a Prunus

Spring is my favourite season. After the short, cold, sometimes dreary, winter days, it’s always a pleasure to see life blossom again. The days get longer, the air warmer, and the cherry trees embellish the streets with their white and pink flowers. Suddenly, the scents of moist earth, flowers blooming under the bright sunlight, grass bathing in dew all mix together to remind me that the beautiful days are finally back.

I also particularly love springtime because it’s the perfect time to take pictures of nature. With flowers blooming everywhere, in all colours, in all shapes, there are just so many subjects to take pictures of. When I live in Lyons, I generally come back to the village nearby where my parents live, and spend several hours hiking over and around the hills to enjoy the variety of colours and scents springtime brings to the place.

Of course, now I live in Paris, it’s a bit different. However, and surprisingly, I find springtime in the capital city of France is way more pleasurable that I imagined it could be. Many parks are scattered all around Paris, and spending some time there when the weather is nice sometimes reminds me of the countryside where I grew up as a child.

Paris in springtime is definitely a sweet place to visit !

Tulipe et rosée

Dew on a red tulip 

Red tulip, 2

Red tulip

Red tulip

Red tulip 2

Orange tulip

Orange tulip

Leaf in the sun

A dry leaf in the sun

White flower

White flower

Leaves in the sun

Life is shining again

Une coquille vide

Autumn remnants

Violet flowers

Blue flower


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