Back to the woods

Leaf lamp

A leaf-lamp

Paris is a beautiful city in which I love wandering all day long. If I want to see monuments, the city is full of monuments. If I want to see nature’s greenness, I can find several parks scattered all around Paris. In a certain way, I could say everything’s in Paris.

However, I sometimes do need to go somewhere out of Paris, in order to breathe again the fresh air of France I’m so much used to, coming from a tiny village near Lyons. This was exactly the case today, and I’m really glad I’ve gone to Fontainebleau, for I didn’t know I missed walking in the forest so much.

Of course, Fontainebleau is not exactly renowned for its forests, but mostly for its amazing castle. Notwithstanding, I must confess I’m getting a bit tired of castles these days, and the joy of seeing nature turning green again much surpasses my desire for castle visits.

Therefore, I’ve spent almost all of my day getting lost with a very friend in the woods near Fontainebleau. As a person who doesn’t generally like company while going on photography trip, I must confess I was really happy to have this friend with me: when going in the wild, two pairs of eyes are always better than just one. Plus, it helps me be a bit more creative, since I’m sure I wouldn’t have had the idea to shoot some macros hadn’t I had this friend with me. This totally contradicts my old opinion according to which you can’t be creative if you have company while taking pictures, but since it makes me come back with photos I like, I guess I’m quite happy to have been wrong, for once.

In the end, it’s been a wonderful day, and I hope you’ll like what’s come out of it !

Flower in a tree

Some flower in the wild


Le hanneton acrobate

Climbing bug

A cockchafer


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