Paris on a dark and rainy day

Paris, Café

Paris, a café, an umbrella and the Eiffel Tower

Though yesterday was the first day of May, the sun didn’t deign to shine bright high in the sky today, and we’ve had quite a cloudy, when not drizzling, Saturday.

In these conditions, it’s always a bit tougher to take pictures. First, I don’t like to take my camera out when the rain is falling, for fear of its malfunctioning afterward. Second, the light is not really good: it’s flat, not bright enough to let me easily take pictures in dark interiors, like in churches, for instance. Last, I don’t enjoy my time that much wandering in the humid and cold streets of Paris, hoping that the rain may stop for some time so that I can safely take a picture without damaging my camera.

However, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to come back with one or two shots that I like, as in those in this article. The first one was taken in Saint-Séverin, an old church located in the Latin Quarter of Paris which I enjoy for its sort of gloomy atmosphere, though it’s situated in one of the richest and most touristic arrondissements of Paris. The second was taken between Invalides and the Eiffel Tower. I pretty much like it because it was taken at the end of the day, when I didn’t hope to take a good picture anymore, being a bit exhausted by what had been, however, a rich and memorable day, and it just came to my mind that maybe it was still a good time to go and check if there was a good picture to take in this street. I originally wanted to take this picture from a bit further in the street, but a dear friend of mine who was taking photos with me suggested that this place would make a really good scene to capture, so we stopped and I took a few shots. Quite fortunately, at that moment, a woman left the shop with her umbrella, and I really love the look it gives to this picture. The third picture, last, is a pic I’ve “stolen” to a friend, for even though I took it myself, I’m not the one who noticed this flower first. Another proof you needn’t be alone if you want to find inspiration.

In the end, even if I only end up with three pictures, I’m glad I’ve spent all this day wandering out under the rain, and even though I hope May’s upcoming week-ends will be more clement.

Church corridor

Church of Saint-Séverin

B&W flower

A friend’s flower


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