The forest of Fontainebleau

L'envol du hanneton

A cockchafer taking off

I have already written an article about the woods surrounding Fontainebleau and how I was amazed at finding such vast wooden lands so close to Paris. Now that the trees are green again, and the temperature gets warmer, it’s a pure joy to go hiking in the forest, wandering wherever my feet may carry me.

I must confess I sometimes feel like a child: I get lost in the middle of nowhere, climb rocks and fallen trunks, jump over ditches, run after my friend who’s trying to get me lost… I can lay down on a large rock and enjoy the sunbeams piercing through the branches, find interesting flowers to take into picture, or try to chase some cockchafers which I love taking photographs of (provided I’ve got a friend with me who’s brave enough to take them in hand).

All in all, it feels like coming back to life again, after a long and cold winter.

Hanneton 4

A cockchafer on moss

Hanneton ter

Climbing cockchafer

Hanneton bis

A cockchafer


A snail on green leaves

Violet flower

Sleeping beauty


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