L’Île Saint-Germain

Photos of plants and flowers taken in Ile-Saint-Germain’s park, near Paris, France.


Green leaf

An ivy leaf at dusk

Near Paris, located in the Seine river, there’s a big island called L’Île Saint-Germain. Though it’s a bit far from Paris downtown, and not one of the most renowned places of the capital city of France, it is definitely a place that is worth a stroll.

On the Northern part of it, you will find a very beautiful and peaceful park. Generally, it’s not as crowded as other Parisian gardens are, and it’s the perfect place to spend a summer afternoon sitting in the grass with a book in hands and your significant other/best friend by your side.

This park also prides itself with one of the most beautiful flower garden near Paris, including an enchanting wisteria-covered passage. If you love taking pictures of flowers, then this place will fulfil most of your wishes.

The Southern part of the island consists in a rather unconventional residential area, where every architect house makes you wish you could have a house there and enjoy your life in such an agreeable, and yet not too far from Paris downtown, place.

You will also find a nice walk along the Seine river, where some barges have anchored, which gives the place a postcard look I must confess I am totally fond of.

In the end, this place is a hidden gem which makes me feel life here in Paris could be sweet were I able to live not far from there. I generally consider myself at home in a city when I know some secret places in it that only those who take the time to get lost know : this place is one of this kind, and I’m glad a friend showed it to me.

Encre de Chine

Some flowers in the last sunbeams of the day


A daisy

Pink flower

Pink salvia

Pink flowers

Pink salvia in the sunlight

Un chinois en fleur

A Caucasian crosswort

White flower

A white flower at dusk

White flowers


Yellow flower

Some yellow flower

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