Photo walk along the Rhône river

A photo walk along the Rhone River in Lyon, with some pictures of the beautiful and romantic Passerelle du Collège.


La passerelle du collège, 1

La Passerelle du Collège

Since I’m back in Lyons for five days in a row, I’ve decided to enjoy my time here taking pictures of the Rhône river, which is one of the two rivers that run through Lyons, along with the Saône.

The Rhone river is the biggest one of the two rivers, and the one that has been the most difficult to tame. Indeed, for a long time, there was only one bridge over the Rhone river in Lyons, Le Pont de la Gulliotière. The river’s current is very strong, and though unlike the Saône river, it is never in spate, which should have made its banks hospitable, for a long time, Lyons has essentially been centred around the Saône river, leaving the Eastern side of the Rhone uninhabited. The city has had to wait for the XVIIIth century to expand beyond the Rhone river. Thus, there is a striking difference of architecture between the Saône part of the city, and the Rhone one. The former is the old Renaissance face of the city, the latter the more classic one.

The banks of the Rhone river are reserved to pedestrians. Many barges have anchored there, and in the long summer evenings, it is one of the most agreeable places on earth you will ever find. You can sit there in the grass, drink a beer, listen to some musicians playing the guitar, and wait for the night to fall.

I personally love this part of the city, and if you ever come to Lyons in Summer, make sure you can spare some time in the late evening to hang out on the banks of the Rhone river, and discover why Lyons is said to be one of the most agreeable cities in France.

La passerelle du collège, 2

La Passerelle du Collège

La passerelle du collège, 3

La Passerelle du Collège

La passerelle du collège, 4

La Passerelle du Collège

Under the bridge, 2

Under Le Pont Lafayette

Under the bridge

Under Le Pont Wilson

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