Walking along the Seine river in Paris downtown

Notre-Dame, nuit

Notre-Dame de Paris in a late summer evening

Now that summertime has finally come, the sun goes down very late in the evening, which lets me enjoy the end of the day and the beginning of the night with happiness.

I love walking by the banks of the Seine river at dusk. At this moment of the day, Paris’s youth gathers on the quays to enjoy the last glows of the day while picnicking and talking about this and that. The city suddenly becomes way more liveable and humane, as if it were slowing down its restless pace under the influence of the setting sun.

Of course, it is also the perfect place and moment to enjoy a romantic stroll around the historical center of the city. The monuments, bathing in the red glows of the dying sun, become timeless silhouettes rising up in the air, reminding me of those Turner’s paintings that always catch my eyes when I come across one of them in a museum. How could you not want to hold hands with the person you love the most in such an unreal atmosphere?

As a person who’s so used to hating summertime for the heat it usually brings, I must admit I’m quite pleased with the idea of enjoying my first summer here in Paris, and sharing it with you in my articles.

Notre-Dame, coucher de soleil

Notre-Dame in the evening

Notre-Dame, nightfall

The sun setting being Notre-Dame

Notre-Dame, night

Notre-Dame in the late hours of the evening

Le Pont des Arts, jour

Le Pont des Arts in the evening

Le Pont des Arts, nuit

Le Pont des Arts at night

Sous le Pont Mirabeau

Sous le Pont Mirabeau coule la Seine…

Sous le Pont Bir Hakeim

Sous le Pont Bir-Hakeim


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