La Conciergerie, Paris

Along the Seine, daylight

La Conciergerie, Paris

Since the very first day I arrived in Paris, there’s one picture I’ve been striving to take, and yet I’ve always failed to come back with. It’s a photo of “La Conciergerie” in Paris, one of my favourite buildings in the city, which, now that I’ve taken the time to wander around the city, turns out to be much richer, architecturally speaking, than I used to think.

It is one of the oldest buildings of Paris, and one of the few remnants of a medieval Paris that I definitely love more than everything else in Paris (well, no, there are some exceptions, I must confess). I love the massive and yet graceful towers that adorn its facade,  “La Tour de l’Horloge” and its square top, which looks like an old and ominous dungeon.

The scenery, from the “Pont du Change”, is just marvellous, and it’s not a coincidence if it also turns out to be one of the most famous views of Paris, though a little less so than the Eiffel Tower or Notre-Dame, I must admit.

It is this scenery that I’ve been trying to capture for so long, without any success until yesterday night. I remember having stood on this bridge for long hours in the cold and dreadful nights of winter without ever coming back home with the picture I had in mind. Well, I must say I was luckier yesterday, because at last, I’ve captured it, and it didn’t take me that long. In fact, what took me some time was to decide which picture to publish. I’ve finally decided I would let viewers decide for me. Who knows ? Since I’m a better photographer when I’m not alone taking pictures, maybe I should do the same when it comes to picking pictures for my blog ?

Along the Seine

La Conciergerie at nightfall, Paris


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