Paris from the top of Notre-Dame de Paris’ towers

Reflecting over Paris

“Grumpy gargoyle”

I’ve lived in Paris for 7 months now, visited most of the main monuments you can admire in this wonderful city, and yet, yesterday morning, there were still two things that every tourist visiting Paris should do that I hadn’t done : climbing up the Eiffel Tower and enjoying the view from the top of the towers of Notre-Dame de Paris. I’m now very pleased to be able to write that I have eventually done the latter.

Accessing Notre-Dame’s rooftop is not as easy as you might think : only the brave who are able to queue for at least an hour (maybe two), then climb up the many steps that lead to the first floor of the towers, and last to climb again up to the second floor can claim the wonderful view on Paris the Towers of Notre Dame offer.

However, it’s an amply rewarded achievement : from the top of the towers, you can admire all the old city – La Sainte-Chapelle, l’Île de la Cité, la Tour Saint-Jacques, and so on – and share the view on Paris that the old gargoyles of Notre-Dame de Paris have seen for so many centuries, some seemingly having grown tired of it (cf. the Grumpy Gargoyle).

I wish I could have stayed up there until nightfall, to enjoy the view on the sun setting down behind La Défense in the far distance. What a stunning spectacle it would have been !

Reflecting over l'Île de la Cité

“Meditating over Paris”

Gargouille Over Saint-Sulpice

“A gargoyle over the Saint-Sulpice”

Gargouille Over Saint-Jacques Tower

“A gargoyle over Saint-Jacques Tower”

An arrow through the sky

“An arrow through the sky”

Paris, Sacré-Coeur

“Saint-Jacques Tower and Le Sacré-Coeur”




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