Paris: in search of inspiration

Passage Joffroy

Passage Jouffroy, Paris

These days, I don’t post as many pictures and articles as I wish I would. Of course, I could say that I don’t find the time to do as much photography as I used to anymore, now that I’ve got a real job, someone special in my life, an apartment to find, loads of papers to fill… But the truth is: it’s getting a bit harder to find inspiration.

I must confess I’ve felt a bit tired of Paris lately. Of course, this city is amazing, wonderful, everything you may wish to visit in your lifetime. However, after seven months in the capital city of France, I guess I was due to have some downs.

However, yesterday, for my birthday, the inspiration came back, and I am glad I can come back, at last, with some shots I’m really feeling happy about. They may not be the most technically perfect pictures I have ever taken, nor the most impressive ones, but all in all, when I look at them, I can trace back all the moments of this memorable day, and smile: I think they keep something of this day within themselves, some soul.

Maybe that’s what I had forgotten: photography is not always about getting outside at the right moment, with a tripod and my ND filters, and waiting for the sun to set in order to take beautiful landscapes that will garner many likes on Flickr and Facebook. It’s also about the pleasure of wandering in the streets, my eyes wide open, taking a picture here and there that may not appeal to all, but will at least express something of the present moment when I look at them years after.

Yesterday, for my birthday, I was happy to find inspiration again.

Passage Joffroy, bis

Passage Jouffroy, bis

Galerie Vivienne, bis

Galerie Vivienne

Galerie Vivienne

Galerie Vivienne, bis

Passage sur l'Île de la Cité

Some yard in Île de la Cité

Stairway, Passage Vivienne, bis

A remarkable stairway in Galerie Vivienne

Stairway, Passage Vivienne, quart

Another remarkable stairway in Galerie Vivienne

Stairway, Passage Vivienne, ter


Stairway, Passage Vivienne

Look up !

L'homme aux pigeons

Feeding the pigeons


5 thoughts on “Paris: in search of inspiration

  1. Thanks a lot 🙂

    And yep, I thought the scene was worth a picture. I’m not generally at ease with taking pictures of people. However, this man feeing the pigeons was so fascinating on the moment that I thought it was worth an exception.


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