The BnF in Paris

Bnf at night

The BnF at nightfall

As written earlier in one of my articles, there’s a view I particularly like in Paris : the BnF (Bibliothèque Nationale de France) at sunset from the Pont de Bercy (Bercy’s bridge). I’ve wanted to go there at sunset and take a picture of the scenery for quite a long time, but I’ve always postponed it for some reasons (bad weather, feeling tired, too far…). However, lately, I’ve finally found the courage to overcome my laziness and all the wrong reasons it was providing me with, and to go to the Pont de Bercy to enjoy one of the most memorable sunsets I’ve ever experienced in Paris.

Those who know me could be surprised at my liking such a view, since they would certainly know that I’m normally fond of old buildings, with loads of ornaments, which is exactly the opposite of the BnF : a massive and uncluttered complex of four square-looking towers along the Seine river. They would be right : this is not exactly the kind of architecture I like, and I would normally blame such a massive, cold and almost oppressive architecture for ruining the view. However, in this special case, I really feel different about the place : there’s a kind of serenity lying between the four towers of the BnF that I find myself attracted to. Though it is massive, as said before, I also find there is something really harmonious in the view. It is, somehow, soothing, especially at sunset.

If you were to visit Paris for a week or two, I would highly suggest you make a detour there at nightfall. With a good tripod, some ND filters, and patience, it is definitely a place worth a photography.

Bnf at nightfall

The BnF bathing in the last rays of sunlight of the setting sun

Bnf at nightfall, a few minutes laterThe BnF when the sun disappears below the horizon

Le lampadaire

A fairy sky on Paris

Under the bridgeUnder the arches of the Pont de Bercy


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    1. Thanks 🙂 It had been quite a long time since I had last written an article, so I was a bit anxious about the pictures I wanted to post.


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