Fifty Bubbles Later

Snail on its way

Snail on its way, MBpicts

Foreword : All the pictures of this article come from the blog Fifity Bubbles Later

As I’ve told you before, I tend to prefer to be alone when I go out and take pictures.

The first reason is that I’m always afraid of boring people to death with my strange ways of doing photography, which can mean staying at the same place for hours, just to see me leave the place with a dissatisfied expression in the end because the light was not as good as I expected it to be, or just spending hours wandering in the woods or in the city, with very good chances to come back with only one or two pictures I like, when it’s a good day.

Another reason is that when I hang out with someone I like, I can’t help talking all the way, so much so that I generally end up forgetting about what I was first supposed to do, in this case, photography. You see, I’m a bit of a chatterbox. It may be because chatting all the time makes me feel less anxious about being with someone else, or because I also like chatting a lot, but in the end, the reason doesn’t matter : if I have someone to chat with, I will inevitably end up chatting with this person and stop doing anything else.

However, for some months now, I’ve found a person I could spend my photography time with, without being anxious about taking no picture at all, or being a real bore because of my strange ways of doing photography. She’s my kindred spirit, I believe. Somehow, I like the way she sees the world, with poetry. While I tend to talk a lot these days about technics, gear and so on, she’s just taking pictures, discovering the basics of photography. And it works. So much so that I’m becoming a bit jealous I guess, for she’s got that freshness that I feel I’m lacking these days. I really think she’s got talent.

For almost a month now, she’s been keeping a blog, Fifty Bubbles Later, which I encourage you to visit. I hope she’ll keep that poetic and simple vision she has over the things that surround her, and that all this inspiration she has will eventually soak into me and let me be as creative as she’s turned out to be for her first photographs.

Colors on the street

Colors on the street, MBpicts

Side by side

Side by side, MBpicts

Street lights at night

Street lights at night, MBpict


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