Photos of Paris at dawn

Photos of Paris downtown at dawn in summer. The reflections in the Seine River were exceptional : something to see for sure if you’ve got the chance to visit Paris.


Préfecture de Police de nuit

La Préfecture de Police

Two weeks ago, I woke up very early in the morning in order to catch the break of the day over Paris downtown. On this occasion, I took many photos that you can see now in this article. In the end, it turned out to be such an amazing experience that this morning, I went out early again to take a few more pics that I hadn’t had the time to take the last time.

Now that days are getting shorter, it’s also getting much easier to wake up early enough to see the sun rise. However, it also presents one disadvantage : it will be harder to have nice photos of Paris at sunrise without anyone in the scenery. This is the reason why I was so eager to go to L’Île de la Cité this morning : in a week or so, the sun will rise around 8 p.m, and the early morning won’t belong only to early-risers.

As always, Notre-Dame was more sumptuous than any other building you can find in Paris. Its massive towers, with their meticulously indented stone walls, and its facade covered with religious ornaments bathing in the blue light of the early morning is one view I will never get tired of. Furthermore, the fact that the surrounding streets and squares of the cathedral are all deserted gives the scenery a particular atmosphere of mystery and timelessness that that I always find intriguing.

Even though it’s 10 a.m and I’m already sleepy, I’m happy I have woken up so early to take those pictures I’m now sharing with you.


Notre-Dame from Pont Saint-Michel

Notre-Dame, De face

Notre-Dame from its parvis

Notre-Dame depuis la Seine


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