Paris Beaugrenelle at dawn

A photo of the Eiffel Tower at sunrise taken from Pont Mirabeau, with beautiful reflections in the Seine River.


Paris from Le Pont Mirabeau

Paris at dawn

In the past few weeks, I’ve decided to wake up a bit earlier than usual to take advantage of the very special light of the early morning. Even though it’s a bit exhausting and depressing not to have a lie in on Saturdays and Sundays, as I would normally do, I’m yet quite happy with the photographs such a decision enables me to take.

For instance, I’ve been wanting to take this picture since my very first day here in Paris. I’ve tried to take it at dusk, waiting for the blue hour moment, but still, I was not that satisfied with the picture. Something was lacking. I didn’t have the calmness nor the reflections I wanted to take into picture. The Seine river wasn’t still enough.

It turns out I could only take this picture in the morning, when the sun rises, when none’s out, when no riverboat sails on the river : when the city’s still asleep, and unconscious of my taking it into picture.

I pretty much love this new habit in my way of doing photography : there’s something very solemn in wandering in the streets alone, while everyone’s still sleeping, chasing for the first glows of the day. It is not just about photography, somehow : it is also about enjoying those tiny moments of life, which might seem meaningless sometimes, but will always, eventually, make you wow at how beautiful the world in which we live can be, if we take the time to see it at its most glorious moments.

For these moments, and the pictures they offer, I’m happy to do photography.

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