Back to Paris

Pictures of Notre-Dame and Quai des Orfèvres in the morning. Enjoy the beautiful reflections of Paris’ most famous monuments in the calm water of the Seine River.


Hôtel-de-Police, Noir et Blanc

Quai des Orfèvres

Christmas is coming soon, and as I’m drooling over the idea of buying a full frame camera for this special event, I realise I haven’t posted any picture for a long time now. Maybe my lack of inspiration these days leads me to wrongly think that a new camera, a better sensor and a better lens would help me take better pictures ? Anyway, I have to admit that since the end of November, I haven’t taken many pics.

Part of the reason for this is that winter is a season I’m not good at photographing : the soft light, the pale colours, the grey skies… Even though I find myself amazed, sometimes, by the serene and almost out-of-time atmosphere of a cold winter morning, I always find it really difficult to capture the particular subtleties of the lights and colours that lie before my eyes.

Furthermore, now that winter solstice is coming, the sun rises too late for me to enjoy a quiet sunrise, with none else but me in the streets. There will always be some truck crossing a bridge, or worse, some river boat sailing in the Seine river, which creates eddies and ruins the reflections I enjoy so much.

Anyway, this is not a reason to stop doing what I like to do the most. I guess I just need to adapt to the season, find other subjects to photograph, and patiently wait for the end of winter. I haven’t done black and white photography at night for a long time after all, and winter is the perfect season for it, since the night falls early, and  the rain often creates puddles which provide nice reflections. But before doing this and sharing the results here on this blog, I still have some pictures from the end of autumn that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Paris, Notre-Dame, Blue Hour

Notre-Dame from Île Saint-Louis

Hotel de Police, Rising Sun

Préfecture de Police

Notre-Dame, rising sun

Notre-Dame : first gleams of the day

3 thoughts on “Back to Paris

    1. Thanks a lot ! It makes me really happy that you say this, especially because I’m always amazed at your photos when I visit your blog 🙂 Your latest wildlife pictures were stunning, especially the one with Rudy sitting down in the white snow : a superb picture !

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