Passerelles and bridges of Lyon

A photo guide of the most beautiful passerelles and bridges of Lyon.


Passerelle du Collège, vue sur Fourvière

Passerelle du Collège, with Fourvière Basilica in the background

Even though I’ve lived in Lyon downtown for 7 years, walked every mile of every street of every arrondissement of the city, visited every “traboule” (hidden passages between buildings, linking one street to another) of the “Vieux Lyon” district (the Renaissance district of Lyon), I’ve never really got tired of visiting the city again and again.

Last time I went to Lyon, I had the chance to found the time to visit the city at night, and in the early morning, which is my favourite moment of the day to take pictures since the light is generally pretty “soft”, the streets empty and the river still, which creates a serene atmosphere which seems almost unreal.

These moments – both at night and in the early morning – were perfect for a little walk along the two rivers of Lyon : the Saône and the Rhône, and ideal to take some pictures of the numerous footbridges that span them. I’ve always loved this facet of Lyon : a city whose history has always been centred on its taming the Rhone and the Saône rivers with bridges to connect the Eastern part of the city to its Western part.

As a person who loves photographing reflections, I must admit I also find them a perfect subject for photography. If I were still living in Lyon, I guess you would find me every morning on the banks of the Saône or the Rhône, hoping to take a perfect shot and at last pay tribute to sceneries that have so many times given me an out-of-nowhere smile that I will never forget them.

Passerelle du collège

Passerelle du Collège, on a Fall evening

Passerelle du Collège, 2

Passerelle du Collège at night

Saint-Georges by night

Saint-Georges, and Passerelle Paul Couturier, from under the arch of Pont Tilsit

Saint-Georges by night, 2

Passerelle Paul Couturier, and Saint-Georges Church

La Passerelle Paul Couturier

Crossing Passerelle Paul Couturier

Passerelle du Palais de Justice

Passerelle du Palais de Justice, from under the arch of Pont Tilsit


Passerelle du Palais du Justice, with the Palais de Justice of Lyon and Fourvière Basilica in the background

Passerelle du Palais de Justice

Passerelle du Palais du Justice


Passerelle Saint-Vincent

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