A photo week in Lyon

Photos taken during a week in Lyon, 2015.


Dreamy Lyon

Mist over Lyon

As last year, I’m spending the end-of-this-year festivities in Lyon, where my family resides. It’s a great opportunity for me to photograph something different from what I’m used to taking into picture, and I must confess I’m always very excited about the idea of being able to take a stroll in Lyon, with my two cameras (a Nex-6 with a Zeiss 24mm f1.8 attached, and an A6000 with a SEL50 f1.8) in my bag and my tripod on my back.

This time, I’ve been lucky enough to have quite a clement time. Even though it was a bit too windy to have beautiful reflections in the Saône river, which initially was my goal, I’ve been lucky enough, however, to enjoy the beautiful colours of winter light in the morning as well as in the evening. Therefore, instead of walking along the rivers, this time, I’ve decided to climb up the hills and take some landscape pictures from above the city.

On Saturday night, I’ve enjoyed one of the most beautiful “blue hour” skies I’ve been able to take into picture this year, and I was quite delighted to come back home with some pictures I really liked. However, the most spectacular scenery I had to see was yet to come, and in the following morning, as I was despairing for the waters of the Saône river to calm down so that I could take nice pictures of reflections, it dawned on me that I would be better off abandoning the idea of taking such pictures, and going up the hill again to see if there was some beautiful sunrise to to photograph.

Up on the hill, the view was magnificent. Mist was invading the city southward, following the Saône and the Rhône rivers, while over it, the sky was blue with some beautiful pink clouds : a fairy landscape.

Overall, even though I haven’t managed to get the reflection pictures I wanted, I’ll come back from this little journey in Lyon with some stunning memories, and I hope some pictures you will appreciate as much as I’ve enjoyed taking them.

Clouds over Lyon

Lyon under the mist

Towers on Lyon

Lyon on a sunny evening

Blue sky over Lyon

Lyon, blue hour


Lyon, Saint-George in the evening

Saint-Jean, Lyon

Cathédrale Saint-Jean

Saint-Georges by night

Saint-Georges, blue hour

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