Goodbye Lyon, Hello 2016

Some landscape photos taken from Fourvière and the banks of the Saône River.


Lyon, attempt

Lyon in the early morning

I hadn’t planned to take any more pictures of Lyon after I wrote my latest article. First because I was quite happy with the few pics I already had, second because I had caught a flu and I wasn’t feeling like hanging around in the early morning with high fever and a runny nose, and last because I thought I didn’t have any time left to do it.

The first reason was quite easy to go past : as anyone who loves photography, or, I should rather say, is addicted to it, I never feel I have had enough, and whenever I get a shot I like, I always end up pondering over going back to the place where I took it to try and see whether I couldn’t get better results in different conditions.

The second reason was a bit harder to overcome, and I must confess that I’m not sure it was really serious to hang out in the early morning while I was not even yet recovering. However, it’s not like I’m still living in Lyon, and I felt I had to make the most of my unfortunately-too-short journey there. Even though I ended up having a bout of fever at the end of the day, I do believe that sometimes, it’s worthwhile not to be serious.

The last reason was just invalidated by the weather : on Tuesday morning, it was due to rain, which of course didn’t happen (it eventually happened in the late morning), as is often the case with what weather forecast says.

So in the end, I went to Lyon in the early morning with my flu, my fever, my runny nose, my two cameras, no tripod (which I had forgotten at my brother’s place), but the will to take some nice pictures of the city I’ve grown to love so much while living there, and I hope you’ll agree with me when I say it definitely paid off : the sunrise was wonderful, the view incredible, and my face genuinely smiling, though I kept having a runny nose. Despite the flu, what a nice way to end 2015, and enter 2016 !

I wish you all a happy new year, and hope 2016 will be a year full of joy, fortune, love, and of course, photography !

Lyon, Sunrise

Lyon in the early morning, bis

Lyon, sunrise, 29-12

Burning sky over Lyon

Cathédrale Saint-Jean, Sunrise, 29-12

Saint-Jean in the rising sun

Saint-Georges, Sunrise, 24mm, 29-12


Reflections, Saint-Paul


Reflections, Saint-Paul, 3

Saint-Paul, bis

Reflections, Saint-Paul, 2

Saint-Paul, from Quai Saint-Vincent

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