Puddle reflections : Notre-Dame

Some pictures of Notre-Dame de Paris reflecting in puddles after a rainy night.


Reflections, Notre-Dame

Notre-Dame on a beautiful morning following a rainy night

Even though I don’t have much time these days for photography or night-time wandering,  I still try to spare some moments in the week-ends to go out to the places where I love taking pictures the most, where I wander, always on look-out for new ideas of photography.

I must confess I’m not always successful, and most of the time, I come back to the spots where I know I’ll be able to find a good view and get a good shot of it. That’s what happened last week-end, when I was looking for some photos to take near Saint-Michel in Paris, but ended up under the Pont de la Tournelle, where, after rainy nights, you can find some puddles containing the most beautiful reflection I have ever found in Paris.

It’s a very famous place for puddle photography in Paris, and therefore, I must recognise the pics I took last weekend are not that creative considering they had somewhat already been taken before me (well, not always the same composition, but basically, it’s the same idea). However, it was still a joy to take them, and see the results. A picture of a beautiful scenery, no matter if it has already been taken by someone else, is still a picture of a beautiful scenery, and taking this kind of picture, with more or less talent, always makes me smile.

If you ever visit Paris and there’s a rainy night and a sunny morning the following day, go under the Pont de la Tournelle, and see it with your own eyes. I bet you will do as I did last weekend : smile, take some pics, smile, and just walk aways along the Seine, with a long-lasting smile on your face.

Reflections, Notre-Dame, b&w

Sous le Pont de la Tournelle

Reflections, Notre-Dame

Notre-Dame in a puddle

10 thoughts on “Puddle reflections : Notre-Dame

    1. Thanks ! I was really amazed to see this reflection in real life. I think that puddle should be made permanent by Ville de Paris : it’s really lovely 🙂


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