Looking for reflections in Paris, as usual

Some photos I took of monuments in Paris : one of the Eiffel Tower at sunrise, reflecting in the Seine River, and another of Institut de France and Pont des Arts reflecting in a puddle.


Red mist

The Eiffel Tower in the early morning

We’ve had a particularly bad weather this week in Paris, and when it wasn’t the case, there was too much pollution for those magnificent sunsets I’m now used to witness. Not an ideal week for photography, in my opinion.

However, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been able to take a stroll in the city with my camera in hand, and take some shots of La Ville Lumière, as some call it.

The first picture was taken in the morning, around 7:30 am. The sun hadn’t risen yet, but people were already driving to their workplaces in Paris downtown. Not one of those quiet mornings I enjoy so much. Plus, contrary to what the weather forecast had said, it was cloudy, humid, and very cold. However, despite all these bad elements, I’ve been lucky enough to catch this “purple” haze that was slowly moving toward the Eiffel Tower, and even covered its top when I left. The view was gorgeous, even though I feel a bit uncomfortable with rejoicing over the light alterations produced by a cloud of pollution.

As for the second picture, I took it yesterday night. Once more, the weather was far from being great. Cloudy all day, cold, humid, but, at least, not as polluted as on Wednesday morning. I had first planned to take a picture in a street behind the Institut de France, where you can find nice puddles after rainy days. Unfortunately, many cars had parked in the street, and covered the puddles I was looking for. Too bad. However, when I crossed the Pont des Arts to go to Louvre-Palais Royal metro station, I saw a puddle on the banks of the Seine River, and thought I’d give it a try. It turned out it was quite a nice move, since the reflection I found in this puddle was nothing short of stunning. With the blue hour coming and the buildings and the bridge slowly lighting up, I had the chance to take a picture that I really didn’t expect.

In the end, even though this week hasn’t been ideal, I’m happy to have two photos I like to post this week. I hope, however, that next week will be better, and that I’ll finally be able to climb up the Sacré-Coeur’s dome and take pictures of one of the beautiful sunsets we’ve had recently from one of the best spots in Paris to admire the city from above.

Institut de France in a puddle

L’Institut de France in a puddle

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