Lyon, Saint-Georges and Vieux Lyon photos

Photos taken in Lyon, France, a lovely city certainly worth a detour from Paris


Lyon, burning sky

Lyon, sunset over Saint-Georges

Last time I went to Lyon, I took the time to walk across the city at night and in the early morning to take some pictures of this city that I love so much.

I took several shots, and while some of them exceeded my expectations, I was quite disappointed by others, and discarded them. I’m quite used to selecting the pictures I post on this blog, and I don’t always make the right decisions.

Here are some pictures of Lyon I hadn’t posted at the time because I didn’t think they were worth sharing. I hope you’ll like them, however, and prove me wrong.

Lyon, passerelle du collège

Lyon, Passerelle du Collège

Rue des Trois Marie

Rue des Trois-Marie, Vieux Lyon

Rue Juiverie

Rue Juiverie, Vieux Lyon

Hôtel de Ville, Lyon

Hôtel de Ville, Lyon

One thought on “Lyon, Saint-Georges and Vieux Lyon photos

  1. Bonjour Pierre.

    Tout d’abord je tenais à te dire bravo pour tes photos. Elles sont vraiment sublimes.

    Je voulais te demander également si tu vendais tes Photoshop car je pourrait être intéressé par certaines.

    Merci d’avance de ton retour.



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