Paris, Institut de France

Institut de France reflecting in a puddle in Rue Mazarine, Paris. Puddles are generally ideal to get perfect reflections almost anywhere, provided it has rained not too long ago.


Institut de France, B&W

Institut de France from Rue Mazarine

Last time I was wandering in Paris in search for some original picture to take of the places I love the most in the city, I found what I thought to be the perfect spot to take an unusual photo of L’Institut de France, a building I’ve always liked for its classical black dome and the tiny semi-circle-shaped paved square lying in front of its main gate.

Indeed, almost everyone who knows Paris have seen this harmonious building from Le Pont des Arts. The Institut de France and le Pont des Arts are perfectly aligned, which gives quite a stunning yet serene scenery at the end of the day, when the last lights of the day slowly disappear, and the lights of the night begin to glow. I’ve also photographed it from one of the side-gates of Le Louvre. However, it’s way more unusual to see it from the other side of the building, i.e. from Rue Mazarine, and as I walked this street, I thought that the view I had before my eyes would make a perfect picture, and that I would have to come back on a rainy night to take a picture of it with some reflections in a puddle.

Fortunately, this day came yesterday, and when night fell, I went out with my fellow photographer soulmate to finally take this picture I had thought of. Everything was perfect, exactly as I had imagined. Of course, there were some pedestrians walking down the street, but I thought I could could just wait for them to walk away, and the street to empty. Unfortunately, when that eventually happened, a man driving an Audi just parked in front of the building. This was really one of those moments when you want to curse anyone or anything that is by your side.

In the end, I’ve still had one picture of the scene I wanted to catch, though it’s not as well-framed as I would have liked to, nor is the street as empty as I wished.

That’s photography : sometimes, you’ve got the perfect idea of what you want, but you never get everything together so that you can take the picture you’ve got in mind. Sometimes, you take one stunning unexpected shot, and you just come back home feeling lucky that you’ve been at the right place at the right moment.

Hard time being a photographer

A picture of me taking the photo on top shot by my photography companion

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