Photos of sunset on Notre-Dame de Paris

Notre-Dame de Paris at sunset is one of the most beautiful sceneries you can enjoy in Paris. You don’t believe me ? See those photos, and judge by yourself !


Notre-Dame at nightfall

Notre-Dame de Paris from Pont de la Tournelle

Even though I’ve seen it many times, photographed it four or five times already, I’ve never grown tired of the view on Notre-Dame de Paris you can enjoy from the “Pont de la Tournelle”.

When the sun is setting behind the cathedral, only leaving a thin line of vibrant yellow light under the darkening blue of the night sky, the view becomes mesmerising, and it is no wonder that most passers-by then stop to enjoy this magnificent scenery.

Another view not far from Pont de la Tournelle which I really like is the view on Notre-Dame from Pont Louis-Philippe, which stretches between Île Saint-Louis and Hôtel de Ville. There, you can admire the old facades of Île de la Cité, with the towers of Notre-Dame standing out in the background, and the lonely tree that is located at the Northern end of Île Saint-Louis, which I’ve always found quite romantic. Even though the best moment to enjoy this view is in the early morning, when the facades reflect in the calm water of Seine river, it’s still worth a glance at sunset.

To make these shots, I’ve used some ND filters (a ND8 and a ND400, both Hoya) to increase the exposure time to 30 seconds, and I’ve used bracketing to create HDR pictures in Adobe Lightroom. The camera I used was a Sony Nex 6 and the lens a Sony Zeiss FE 55 f1.8.

I hope you will enjoy !


Notre-Dame before sunset

Notre-Dame, sunset

Notre-Dame from Pont Louis-Philippe

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