Notre-Dame in a puddle, Paris

I took this photo of Notre-Dame’s reflection in a puddle this morning at sunrise.


Notre-Dame in a puddle

Notre-Dame in a puddle

As I was walking back to Notre-Dame Saint-Michel metro station last Sunday, I walked past a huge puddle that had formed the previous night in the gutter of the road of Pont Notre-Dame.

It was a near-perfect mirror for Notre-Dame, which proudly reflected in it. I waited for the street to empty, kneeled over the the brink of the pavement, and took that handheld shot. Fortunately, I didn’t miss it, because a second later, cars were already showing down the road.

I’m not that good at being alert about my environment, and most of the time, when I go out shooting, I know what I’m going to shoot. I think this is a good way of doing photography when you exactly know what you want to shoot. However, this time, I was quite happy I had gone out of my way, since I would never have shot this picture otherwise. A nice reward, in the end.

NB : This shot was taken with a Sony Nex 6 and a Zeiss 24f1.8. Exposure settings were : f5.6, 1/60 second, ISO 100. When shooting puddles, you might prefer to manually focus on the building or the reflection before trying to take the picture, since it can be quite hard to do so when the camera is a few millimetre above the ground, and AF is not that reliable so close to the ground.

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