Shooting some flowers in Paris

Photos of flowers taken in Ile Saint Germain’s Park


Ink flower, colour

A blue flower in Île Saint-Germain’s Park

A few months ago, I bought a Sony FE90 f2.8 Macro lens. I wanted to have something longer than my 50mm, which was the longest focal I had, and something with what I could do some close-up shots of flowers and butterflies. Though expensive, I thought this lens would perfectly match my expectations, and as a bonus, it could also be a good portrait lens, something I no longer do that much, but I’d love to do someday in the future.

This lens is really awesome. Some say photography is about seeing the world differently, and then conveying your vision to other people. A macro lens gives you that : you suddenly have the ability to peer into a small world that has always surrounded you, but you couldn’t see with your own eyes. There is something magic in being able to capture tiny drops of water, the hair of a leaf, the fur of a bee, and countless other wonders that usually remain invisible.

Now that spring is coming and flowers are blooming, it makes a perfect companion for my walks in Paris’ numerous parks, though I must confess another companion of mine is using it more often than I do : indeed, my significant other literally has fallen in love with the lens, and I believe she even manages to take better pictures with it than I do. However, this hasn’t prevented me from taking some shots with my new toy, and I hope you’ll like them.

White flowers

Some white flowers in a tree near my home

Pink flower

Some pink flower in Île Saint-Germain’s Park

You can find other pictures of flowers I took in Ile-Saint-Germain’s park a while ago in this article.

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