Notre-Dame de Paris at sunrise

Photos of Notre-Dame de Paris at sunrise from Pont Louis-Philippe


Notre-Dame, red towers

Notre-Dame with red towers

Last week, I went to Notre-Dame de Paris in the early morning in hope of watching the sunrise, and, of course, of taking some pictures of that magnificent moment.

Despite the strong current, which wipes the beautiful reflections of the buildings surrounding the Seine river, the scene was really worth it. When the sun appeared at the horizon, its first rays coloured the towers of the Cathedral in burning red, which made the atmosphere feel like the last morning before the Apocalypse. I was quite lucky to manage to take a picture of this moment, since it only lasted 2 minutes, more or less, which is only enough to take 3 pictures with a 30-second-long exposure. With one out-of-focus picture (never trust the AF when using a ND filter), one horizontal and one vertical, that was barely enough.

Then, some minutes later, when the whole sun rose above the horizon, the building began to shine in the golden light of the beautiful morning. The scenery was almost perfect.

As I was coming back to the subway station, with a blissful smile on my face, I came across some joggers who were running along the Seine river, and I couldn’t help but remember this proverbial saying : “The world belongs to those who get up early”. In this case, it seemed particularly appropriate.

Notre-Dame à la lueur du jour

Notre-Dame in the golden light of the rising sun

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