Notre-Dame de Paris, view from the parvise

Notre-Dame at sunrise photos, taken from its forecourt.


Notre-Dame, sunny

Notre-Dame at sunrise

Since it is not the ideal time of the year to catch reflections in the Seine river, I’ve decided to adapt to the situation and take pictures of Notre-Dame de Paris from a place I usually dismiss : the parvise of the cathedral.

The view on the main facade of Notre-Dame in the early morning, with the sun rising in the background, which sometimes sets the sky on fire, is quite impressive, and maybe one of the good reasons for tourists to choose a place to stay nearby, in order to be able to be there at the right moment.

It’s a place I’ll definitely come back to, though I’d love to have a wide-angle lens to take the picture I have in mind. Indeed, I only have a 24mm (35mm on FF), and it is not wide enough for what I want to take (I’d need 19mm maybe). I guess that will be my next buy when I have saved some money. Or maybe I’ll try some stitching.

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures I took this morning in the meantime.

Notre-Dame, cloudy

A few minutes before sunrise

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