Lyon, France : View from Jardin des Chartreux

Some pictures taken from Jardin des Chartreux in Lyon, France. A beautiful park on Croix-Rousse Hill, with one of the most stunning views on the city.


Lyon, sunrise from Le Jardin des Chartreux

Lyon, France, View from Jardin des Chartreux at sunrise

One of the best views of Lyon, and one of its most secret and romantic, is the one you can enjoy from Jardin des Chartreux, on Croix-Rousse Hill.

Jardin des Chartreux is located near Place Rouville, a square that’s famous for offering a beautiful panorama on Fourvière, Vieux Lyon and Presqu’Île. Though many visitors normally stop at this square and consider the view from there amazing enough to stop climbing Croix-Rousse Hill in search of another panorama on the city, the best advised among them will certainly keep walking a bit further on the hill to find a hidden park with a beautiful gatehouse in its center.

The place is serene and relaxing. It is not known by many people, so you will often find yourself alone while visiting it. This tiny park used to belong to the Chartreux community of Croix-Rousse, which is still present on the hill, hosting one of the most prestigious schools of Lyon, and, of course, Saint-Bruno des Chartreux, a church that’s worth a visit if you like baroque architecture. Between 1855 and 1856, Senator Vaïsse, who is also responsible for the construction of Rue de la République, Rue Edouard Herriot, Parc de la Tête d’Or and many other famous places of Lyon, decided to convert it into a park with the help of the Bühler brothers, who also designed Parc de la Tête d’Or later.

From the park, you can see the Saône river entering in Lyon, and the skyline in the background, with the Mont-Blanc if it’s sunny enough. At sunrise, the place is magic !

A great little place for sure, and one you need to visit if you ever visit Lyon.

Lyon, Jardin des Chartreux, Blue Hour

Lyon, France, view from Jardin des Chartreux at Sunset

Lyon, sunrise from Jardin des Chartreux

Sunrise on Lyon, France. View from Jardin des Chartreux

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