Lyon, France : View from Montée du Chemin Neuf

A few pictures taken from Montée du Chemin Neuf in Lyon, France, at sunrise.


Sunrise over Lyon from Fourvière

Lyon, France, View on the skyline from Montée du Chemin Neuf

Near L’Auberge de Jeunesse du Vieux Lyon (Youth Hostel of Vieux Lyon), you can find a tiny park/square where you will find one of the most beautiful views on Lyon.

From this place, you can admire the roofs of the old Renaissance buildings of Lyon, with the modern skyline in the background, and also the Mont Blanc in the far distance, if the weather is clement. You can also enjoy the unique view from above on Saint-Georges church and its famous passerelle.

I find it a perfect place to enjoy long summer sunsets, and early sunrises, with a camera of course, or with your loved one (or with both, provided your significant other is tolerant enough).

Sunrise over Lyon

Lyon, France, sunrise on the city

Lyon, sunrise on the skyline

Lyon, France, sunrise on the skyline

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2 thoughts on “Lyon, France : View from Montée du Chemin Neuf

    1. Ahah ! It’s better than in Alaska (here, the sun rises around 6 am. and set around 10:30 pm.) but still, it gets harder to go to the places where I want at sunrise, especially in Paris where the subway trains to run earlier than 6 am. However, even though it’s quite sleep-depriving, it’s also an experience I wouldn’t miss : the sunrises are a bit longer, and in the morning, I have more time to enjoy the city before people wake up, save for the few drunk people who come home (the morning I took this picture, one tried to follow me up the hill, though most are not agressive and quite funny actually).

      Is there a time in the year when it’s sunny all day long in Alaska, as in Northern Europe ?


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