Lyon, France : Reflections of Saint-Paul on the Saône River

Lyon, Saint Paul reflecting in the Saône River, from Quai Saint-Vincent, at sunrise.


Lyon, Saint-Vincent, reflections

Lyon, France, Quai Saint-Vincent. Reflections of Saint-Paul in the Saône River at sunrise

When in Lyon, I always spend one morning exploring the city at sunrise, so that I can take pictures of the city at its most beautiful hour.

Of course, one of the most exciting way of enjoying the sunrise is to climb up one of Lyon’s two hills and sit patiently, with my camera on tripod next to me, and to capture it while I take the time to enjoy and admire one of the two most glorious moments of the day. This is actually what I do almost every time.

However, another exciting way of making the most out of the sunrise is to just walk along the Saône Rivier, especially near Saint-Vincent, where the water is calm in the morning, which makes a perfect mirror fo the buildings surrounding the river to reflect in. When the sun rises above the buildings that are behind my back, the scenery before my eyes become vibrant and warm, the sky bluer than ever, and the reflections get perfect.

Quai Saint-Vincent definitely is the sweetest spot along the Saône River to capture reflections at sunrise, and if you’re lucky enough to spend a few days in Lyon, I strongly advise you to come and see it with your own eyes.

France, Lyon, Quai Saint-Vincent reflections by night

Lyon, Saint-Paul, an hour before sunrise

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