The 5 Best Views in Lyon, France

A top selection of the 5 best views in Lyon, France, for landscape photographers.


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From Fourvière to Croix-Rousse, Lyon offers some of the most majestic cityscapes you can admire in France. Here are 5 view spots from where you will be able to capture all the beauty of Lyon from above.

Basilica of Fourvière

The Basilica of Fourvière is certainly the most famous and iconic monument of Lyon. Located at the top of Fourvière Hill, it is also one of the greatest places from where you can admire Lyon. Three places around the basilica are worth a glimpse : the esplanade near the basilica, the little square in the middle of Jardin du Rosaire, and the tiny square located in Montée du Chemin Neuf.

Lyon, Sunrise from Fourvière, cityscape

Lyon, France : View from Esplanade de Fourvière

Blue sky over Lyon, France

Lyon, France : View from Parc du Rosaire, Fourvière

Sunrise over Lyon from Fourvière

Lyon, France : View from Montée du Chemin Neuf

Lyon, burning sky

Lyon, France : View on Saint-Georges from Montée du Chemin Neuf

Jardin des Curiosités

The Jardin des Curiosités actually is quite a secret place in Lyon, and surprisingly, many Lyonnais don’t know it. However, it offers one of the best views of Lyon you can get, and its remoteness makes it a perfect place to chill with friends in the long summer evenings.

Lyon, France, view from Saint-Just : Jardin des curiosités

Lyon, France : View from Jardin des Curiosités on a cloudy day

Jardin des Chartreux

Jardin des Chartreux is located near Place Rouville, which also offers a great view of Lyon. This little park, which is often desert, is one of the best places to enjoy Lyon at sunset, when the setting sun reflects in InCity Tower.

Lyon, sunrise from Le Jardin des Chartreux

Lyon, France : View from Jardin des Chartreux at sunset

Jardin des Plantes

Again, this is surprisingly not one of the most famous views of Lyon, though it is easily accessible. Located above Théâtre des 3 Gaules, where the first martyrs of Lyon and Gaule were put to death, it also offers a magnificent view on Fourvière Hill. Quite a beautiful view at sunset especially.

Sunset over Lyon, Croix-Rousse, Jardin des Plantes

Lyon, France : View from Jardin des Plantes at sunset

Place Bellevue

This is one of the best view you can find on Lyon’s skyline, and is located not far from Gros Cailloux, a famous monument of Croix-Rousse. This little square, with green grass, some trees and two or three benches, is perfect to see the sun rise over the city. A place to visit, for sure !

Lyon, France : Part-Dieu skyline at sunset

Lyon, France : View from Place Bellevue at sunset

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