Creative photography in Paris: shooting reflections in puddles

Taking original pictures of famous monuments in Paris, France


Notre-Dame, puddle reflections

Sunset on Notre-Dame in a puddle, Paris, France

When I first arrived in Paris, everything was new to me, so it was very easy to take landscape photographs that seemed original : I just had to shoot any new street, any new building, any new view I felt I had discovered. However, now that’ve been in the city for about two years, I painfully come to the realisation that I’ve shot almost everything I wanted to take a picture of in Paris.

This is, I guess, the curse of landscape photography : if you don’t move a lot, there comes a time when you’ll feel bored with what you’re doing. Same buildings, same views, same pictures. Contrary to portrait photography, street photography or even macro photography, you don’t have an infinity of subjects that are available. One solution might be to constantly move. That’s a solution I find myself often pondering over : should I find a job that lets me move a lot, so that I can successfully combine my thirst for travels and new landscapes to photograph and my professional life ?

I have no simple answer to this question. However, in the meantime, I try to pursue landscape photography in Paris, and sometime in Lyon. I try to find more creative ways of taking photos landscapes I have already shot. One of them is doing it at sunrise or sunset : except when the sky is totally clear, all sunsets or sunrises are quite unique : the configuration of clouds in the sky, the colours, the season… This makes me want to go back to places where I’ve already shot all the pictures there was to take, except on this special day with this special sunrise or sunset.

Another way of doing creative landscape photography is to find punctual elements that may change your composition. For some photographers, people in the frame can give nice compositions. For others, a leaf, a flower, some rock… These are all great ideas, but my favourite one is finding puddles which give unusual reflections of famous monuments.

I have a draft map of places where puddles might form after the rain. I try to go to one of them with my camera every time the rain stops. The images I get generally make me happy, and I’m glad to come back every once in a while to take another picture with the exact same framing but at a different time of the day/the year so that I capture it with a whole new mood.

If you want to take original pictures of famous places, I highly encourage you to do the same : find all the places around where interesting puddles might form, wait for the rainy days when puddles form, and then, go and take some photos of the reflections of those famous monuments that form in the puddles. And don’t hesitate to share the results !

Here are some more examples of photos of famous places in Paris reflected in puddles :

4 thoughts on “Creative photography in Paris: shooting reflections in puddles

  1. Oh, how I wish I got to spend enough time in Paris to discover where the good puddles form! 🙂 Fortunately, your beautiful photos are a wonderful consolation for not being there. The reflection in this one is particularly striking. How did you get it to show up so clearly? Did you use a polarizer, by chance?

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    1. It’s a nice way of rediscovering a city you feel you’ve already gone the length and breadth 🙂 I hope your wish will come true soon !


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