Sky of fire over La Défense

When a puddle of stagnant water at the bottom of Pont de Neuilly metro station’s basin becomes the best place to take pictures of La Défense, Paris, at sunset.

Lately, I have found what I consider to me the most fantastic place in Paris to take pictures of La Défense : Pont de Neuilly metro station.

At first sight, the place might seem a bit dull : a basin which is always empty, a bus station which makes the place quite noisy and polluted, and a big fountain which never works, with the metro railway passing underneath. All this doesn’t make the place look ideal for stunning photographies.

However, if you get a closer look at the basin, you’ll notice some stagnant water at the bottom of the basin. Of course, it’s dirty, and I must admit it also stinks a bit. However, if you dare to jump in the basin to get a closer look, you’ll notice that this dirty, stinky stagnant water also perfectly reflects the district of La Défense in its most majestic angle.

At sunset, the scenery is near perfect, and at sunset, when the sun sets behind the main Arch of La Défense, taking pictures there feels a bit like being an alchemist : you turn this stinky and dirty puddle into pictures as precious as gold.

If you have some spare time (and the courage) to visit the place, beware though : it’s strictly forbidden to jump into the basin (for security reasons), so make sure there’s no police officer around to catch you while you’re on your way to a certain splendid spectacle.

6 thoughts on “Sky of fire over La Défense

  1. There is no evidence of stinkiness in your images — just pure beauty. Nicely done! (And thank you for sharing your location tip. I’ll try to remember it for my next trip.)

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