Puddle reflections : Paris, Institut de France

A second example of how to shoot original photos of famous monuments while visiting Paris.


Institut de France, reflection in a puddle, Paris.
Rue Mazarine, Paris, France : Institut de France in a puddle

In a previous article, I described how shooting reflections in puddles is a good means of taking some original pictures of famous monuments that has already been photographed a zillion times. I also wrote about my keeping a map of the places where interesting puddles might appear after heavy rains. Here is one of the places that I’ve spotted on this map : Institut de France seen in a puddle that often forms in the gutter of Rue Mazarine.

This puddle is quite famous among the people who share pictures of Paris on Instagram, and I have seen it several times, sometimes taken by very talented photographers. However, I still wanted to give it a try, so I waited for a rainy night and a sunny following morning to go there and take a chance.

I was quite lucky that there was no car parked in the street. Sure, it’s normally forbidden to park there, but most of the inhabitants of the area don’t respect this restriction. Unfortunately, there were still some garbage bins that were ruining the view, so I had to push them a bit further in order to put them out of my frame. Once I was done with it, I had to wait for the street to empty, until I could take the picture I wanted at last.

Once I had it, I immediately took the regional train back home to load the picture on Lightroom, process it, and see what I could get. Indeed, I’m not really the SOOC kind of photographers, and processing the pictures I take is at least as important as shooting them for me. I also take JPEG pictures too, though, just to have a preview of what the scene was really like, or to have an indication of how to process my RAW files later.

Fortunately, among the twenty pictures I had taken, there was one that I really liked, and that was good enough to be processed. Even though twenty might seem a lot, it’s actually not that much when it comes to a picture I really want to take. There are so many mistakes that I could make that I try to be safe and take as many shots as I can. For instance, on the twenty pictures I had, I’d say 5 were blurry because of the low shutter speed, 5 were not framed as I wanted, 5 had a different framing so that I wouldn’t regret not having framed my picture differently later, and 5 were quite ok.

I hope you’ll like this new picture of Paris in a puddle !

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