Notre-Dame de Paris : puddle reflection at nightfall

Pont d’Arcole is one of the best places to take nice photos of Notre-Dame de Paris reflecting in a puddle.


Paris, France, Notre-Dame reflection in a puddle
Paris, France : Notre-Dame reflecting in a puddle on Pont d’Arcole*

Every time it has rained a little while ago and I go to Pont de la Tournelle to capture the reflection of Notre-Dame de Paris in the big puddle that generally forms under the bridge, I encounter so many photographers that I have to give up on the idea and find another place to photograph. Fortunately, there are many other puddles that are as interesting and way less famous.

One of these puddles appears on Pont d’Arcole near Hôtel de Ville. Quite surprisingly, almost none thinks about it, though it offers a magnificent reflection of Notre-Dame seen from its eastern side.

Thus, last Sunday, when I realised I couldn’t take a picture from Pont de la Tournelle since there were too many photographers there, I immediately went to Pont d’Arcole where there was no photographer to be seen, and above all, one big puddle to take advantage of. The perfect time and place to test my newly acquired Sony A7II.

I waited for nightfall and the blue hour for Notre-Dame de Paris and the street lights to light up. Though I have taken pictures of Notre-Dame reflecting in this puddle many times, I had never done it at nightfall, since there’s no room to use a tripod, and my camera was not that good above ISO 400. But fortunately, all this belongs to the past with my new cherished camera. The sensor is good enough to push the ISO to ISO 800 if I need it, and moreover, the in-body stabilisation is a joy to have for the times when you just need a bit longer exposure.

All in all, I got the photo I wanted, and I must say I’m pretty satisfied with my new gear. Well, I’m always satisfied with my gear when I get photos I like, I must say. But this makes me want to go out and take more photos of Paris, Lyon, and some other cities I’ve planned to visit in March and April (including Amiens, Rouen, Laon, Reims, Chartres, and maybe Orleans). If you’ve got any ideas, please submit them to me !

* Shot with an A7II and a Sony Zeiss 55f1.8 at ISO160, f3.5 and 1/60.

6 thoughts on “Notre-Dame de Paris : puddle reflection at nightfall

    1. Yep ! I’d even say the camera always makes a difference, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad 😉 But my A6000 was no slouch either. I’m actually even more amazed at what it gave me that I can compare to its bigger sibling now. I guess this is the hard truth of photography : the more you learn, the more you buy expensive gear, and the more you realise that what will make the difference more than your camera is you, and the story you’ll tell with your photos. Anyway, I’m quite happy with my new camera : I won’t be able to complain about the gear from now on 🙂

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      1. That would be awesome ! Of course, it’s forbidden to use drones in French cities, since there’s all these security measure to prevent terrorist attacks, but I’m pretty sure none would blame me in little villages. Next buy maybe 🙂


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