A time to be romantic

Visiting Bois de Boulogne after so many months chasing puddles : an overwhelming experience.


Heart of light, Paris, Bois-de-Boulogne
Heart of light, Paris, Bois-de-Boulogne

Lately, I’ve been solely focusing on getting pictures of reflections in puddles, and I realise I have forgotten to give time to many other activities in photography that I used to love. One of them is flower/nature photography.

I hadn’t been in the woods for months now. I guess I didn’t miss it that much. And yet, yesterday, when I went to the Bois de Boulogne in the evening, I remembered immediately why I loved walking in the woods so much. It made me cry a bit, I must confess. How can we fall out of interest for something so beautiful so fast and so long ? I guess there are moments in life when it’s not the time for you to be able to fully appreciate what surrounds you. Fortunately, the woods won’t die from my momentary lack of interest, and they’ll always be there, as dense and inspiring as they can be.

Of course, if you know Paris, you should also know that Bois de Boulogne is not always a safe place, especially in the evening. Strange creatures run in there at nightfall. Yet, it was a pleasing time. I wandered without any goal, stopping sometimes for a flower, trying to get a shot of a butterfly, or just enjoying the fragrance of the trees and the pleasure of walking in the soft soil of a tiny path between the nettles.

I regretted not having my macro lens with me, though. I sold it to someone who’s making a way better use of it than I used to do, and this made me happy. Yet, yesterday, I wish I could have gotten closer to what I was photographing. Once you get close, you discover a whole other world which makes nature photography twice as enticing. But with some restrictions, I could perfectly do with my current gear, and I’m glad I can share some pictures I like with you in this article. I hope you’ll enjoy them !

2 thoughts on “A time to be romantic

  1. Isn’t it strange how easy it is to “forget” something we love so much — as you did with your walks in the woods? But what a beautiful rediscovery you’ve made through these photos.

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