Paris, France - Rue Crémieux
Paris, Paris - Divers

Paris, France : Rue Crémieux

Paris, France - Rue Crémieux
Paris, France – Rue Crémieux

For those who take the time to wander in every nook and cranny of the city they visit, Paris is a place full of hidden wonders that will never cease to surprise them.

Take Rue Crémieux for instance. This tiny street is well hidden near one of the most important train station of the capital city of France, Gare de Lyon. The district is rather modern, full of austere Haussmannian buildings. And yet, in the middle of it, you find one of the most colourful streets of Paris. A tiny bit of heaven where the quietness contrasts with the usual hustle and bustle of the city.

Though one might believe that the street is an old keepsake of the past, Rue Crémieux actually is pretty young. Indeed, it was only built in the late 19th century. It was named after a French lawyer and politician who advocated for the granting of French nationality to the Jews living in Algeria back in 1870.

The street became pedestrian only in 1993, which helped it become the safe haven it is now. If you ever visit this part of the city, make sure you do not miss Rue Crémieux. I promise you’ll leave it with a big grin on your face !

12 thoughts on “Paris, France : Rue Crémieux”

  1. Reblogged this on Travel, Photograph, Experience and commented:
    I love wandering around the Paris neighborhoods, camera in hand. A morning wakeup shoot (including croissant) , a walkabout of the Latin quarter, a park, that mythic cemetery … evening photos (with dessert) in a dozen places. Paris fans start to look for locations that have that uniquely Parisian feel to them.
    And I hadn’t heard of this one. Have to add it to the Paris list
    …. thanks Pierrre

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  2. How wonderful to see this charming little gem through your eyes, Pierre. During my last visit I was so taken with the overall feeling of the street that I forgot to look at the individual houses themselves! So thank you for continuing my education on “how to see Paris.” 🙂 Marvelous post.

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    1. Thanks a lot ! Yes, I did the same the first time I visited this tiny street. Fortunately, I don’t live that far from it, so I could come back later and pay attention to every tiny detail. Quite a wonderful place in Paris 🙂 I hope I’ll soon find other inspiring places to share with you !

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      1. How lucky you are to live near the rue Crémieux, Pierre — I love that neighborhood, with the Promenade Plantée so close by, and both the Gare de Lyon and the Seine just a stroll away. Sigh. Now you have me daydreaming about Paris! Well, I will content myself to looking forward to whatever inspiring places you care to share next. (PS: My apologies for having been absent these few weeks; I’ve been selling my house of 27 years and moving, and it’s consumed every second of time and milligram of energy. But I’ll be back soon to lavish you with more compliments. 🙂 )

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        1. Ahah ! Thanks ! I work near Rue Crémieux, actually. I live in Vincennes. Oh, and I’ve read about your moving out. It was a nice post of yours, full of vivid memories. I enjoyed it, it was very sincere. I hope I’ll see some new posts on your blog you soon ! Cheers !

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        2. You live in Vincennes?! How wonderful! I’ve stayed there a number of times (on the rue Defrance) and absolutely love it. It’s close enough to central Paris for easy access — but far enough that it still feels like a separate small city, with its own personality and charming Hôtel de Ville. How marvelous, Pierre.


        3. PS: Please forgive my inexcusable delay in replying to your kind comment. Life has been so hectic that I’ve pared it down to the most basic essentials, but I look forward to catching up soon with you on your beautiful and inspiring blog. Thank you, as always, for being such a good and loyal blog friend!


    1. Thanks a lot 🙂 It is quite a pleasure to realise that there are hidden wonders like that close to you. It makes you realise how rich you can be if you just decide to open your eyes and explore what you have around you 😉

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