Lyon : chasing hidden gems in the city

Wandering in the city chasing hidden beauties


As said many times in previous articles, I tend to be quite faithful to some places and some sceneries I like when it comes to taking pictures of Lyon, France. There are two good reasons for that :

  • The first is that I generally don’t spend much time there, so I try to make the most out of my short visits, and I only go to places where I know I might get some pictures I like
  • The second is that no matter how many times I’ve already shot a place with my camera, there will always be some new conditions that might give me an even more perfect shot. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, you see, and since there’s no real perfection in any of the shots I can take, I think this is an never-ending chase.

However, also as written previously, I’ve chosen to try to stray a bit away from the beaten path sometimes. This doesn’t mean that I can’t photograph what I’m so used to photographing anymore, of course. I just try to get out of my comfort zone sometimes, and get back to the roots of my passion for photography. I try to get back to that first amazement I felt when I had my first camera, went out on a stroll, pointed my camera lens towards the first flower I saw, pushed the shutter-release button, and wowed at how simple things I would normally never notice could look so beautiful when you paid attention to them.

Shooting this way, I am sure you can convey way more emotions and a bit of yourself than any beautifully captured landscape picture could ever do. At least, that’s what I felt when I had a look at the marvellous articles one of my friends wrote about Lyon, in which none of the pictures were similar to what I usually take, and yet, they made me feel I was in Lyon way more than any of my best pictures of the city. I even dare to say I felt much more love for my hometown in her photos than in mine, and yet, I’m the one from Lyon.

So I screwed my 55mm on my camera, and decided to pay attention to every detail I could find. And there were many. So many, actually, that I couldn’t walk two meters without stopping. Of course, I didn’t keep all the pictures I took. Only those that made me feel some kind of nostalgia for the day. Together, they keep the feel of the day pretty intact, and I hope you’ll feel it too.