Damselflies in Île Saint-Germain

Some pictures of dragonflies I took in Île Saint-Germain, near Paris, on a Sunday evening stroll.


Perched on a grass blade

Edit : Thanks to Victor Rakmil for helping me differentiating damselflies with dragonflies. If you like Nature and Photography, I highly encourage you to visit his blog,  https://rakmilphotography.wordpress.com/.

Last Sunday, I went to Île Saint-Germain, an island on the Seine River near Paris. It’s a place that is not far from where I live, so I like hanging out there when I’m a bit to lazy to go to Paris downtown, or further in the suburbs of Paris.

As written in a previous article, I have a particular affection for this island. Its park is one of the best hidden gems near Paris, and the riverside there still has that wild and peaceful atmosphere that I often miss here in the city.

Talking about the riverside, this is precisely the place where I decided to go and have a stroll. Though the place is still preserved from the crowds of the city, it is getting more and more popular I find. Fortunately, the nature still claims its right on this part of the island, and you can find many insects in the high grass bordering the river.

I took advantage of this stroll to take some pictures of the damselflies that live there. At this time of the year, they are still quite young, and not the most impressive dragonflies you could think of. Still, since they are not used to human presence, you can get close enough to take some good close-up photos of them.

Though macro photography is tough and is clearly not a field where I excel contrary to my girlfriend, I must confess I found it quite enjoyable. A nice way to spend a Sunday evening !

A young dragonfly

A young blue damselfly


Where should I put my legs ?

Blue dragonfly

The premium damselfly

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