Sky of fire over La Défense

When a puddle of stagnant water at the bottom of Pont de Neuilly metro station's basin becomes the best place to take pictures of La Défense, Paris, at sunset.

Paris, La Défense at sunrise

A photo of Paris I took in the morning at La Défense. The sky was almost perfectly clear, which led to an incredible sunrise.

Arc de Triomphe, Paris

La Défense and l'Avenue de la Grande Armée Last week, I went to l'Arc de Triomphe in Paris in order to take some pictures of Paris and its avenues covered with the green again branches of trees. I must confess I have been waiting for these days of spring and soon summer since the very first day [...]

La Défense by night (and in English)

Light trails under "La Passerelle Valmy" Yesterday night, right after leaving work, I took my camera and tripod with me and rushed to La Défense, the CBD of Paris, in order to try and capture this modern forest of glass and concrete bathing in the last beams of sunlight of the day. Unfortunately, I arrived a bit too [...]

La Défense, ou quand Paris se modernise… hors les murs

La Défense A Paris, s'il est un débat houleux qui n'en finit pas de déclencher de violentes répliques, c'est bien celui de la modernisation - ou non - du paysage urbain de la ville intra-muros. Aussi, alors que le débat s'enlise depuis des années entre ceux qui déplore la muséification de la ville, et ceux [...]