Autumn in Meudon

Looking for hidden autumnal treasures in the woods of Meudon

Meudon, France - Forging their way
Meudon, France – Forging their way

Though I have many other photos of Paris and Lyon to publish, I prefer to write about my latest outing to the woods of Meudon first, since it’s what moved me the most lately, and I feel the need to write about it.

If you’ve been following my blog for more than a year, you must have read some articles about my previous outings to the woods of Meudon. And you must know that I have many memories in these woods, good and bad, but all quite vivid in my mind.

Since it’s fall and fall is the most interesting season to explore the woods in my opinion, I couldn’t help go and explore the woods of Meudon once again to find some mushrooms, some chestnuts and enjoy the very colourful vision of the woods mirroring in the still waters of the several ponds that are scattered all across the woods.

It’s a bit far from the place I currently live in, but an hour of train is not that much if you know you will enjoy yourself. Plus, I wanted to take advantage of one of the last sunny and acceptably hot days of autumn we might have, and I knew the woods of Meudon wouldn’t disappoint.

I know the place quite well now, so I knew exactly where to find some mushrooms to photograph, where to find some hidden passages to go straight to the ponds, and where to sit for an hour on the banks of the main pond with the certainty of never being disturbed.

I’d like to say it was a lot of fun. And it was, somehow. Yet, I guess I’ve never felt so lonely in the last two months.

There’s something very frustrating in finding hidden wonders in the woods and not being able to share them on the moment with someone at least as curious and enthusiastic as you. I wished I hadn’t had to go alone there. So I sat on the banks of the main pond, and waited for the feeling of loneliness to pass. I took a picture or two (one of them you will find below). And I let melancholy flow away all by itself.

When I left an hour or so later, the sun was already setting, and I could take one last picture of the woods with the sunbeams piercing through the trees. It warmed up the atmosphere.

I’ve tried to gather some of the photos that gave a good idea of what this outing in the woods of Meudon was. I hope you’ll like it.