Back to classics : Paris, Quai des Orfèvres

Photos from a stroll along the Seine, with Notre-Dame and Quai des Orfèvres shining in the golden morning light.

Quai des Orfèvres

Quai des Orfèvres at dawn

These days, there’s one picture I’m desperate to take (or make, as Ansel Adams would say): Notre-Dame de Paris from its forecourt at sunset, with a burning-red cloudy sky. This is the reason why I look for the weather forecast for the next day every evening, and wake up early every sunny morning, in hope of the perfect weather to take the picture I so much want to take.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been lucky so far. Sure, I’ve had some clouds at sunrise lately, but not the ones I’ve been looking for. It takes some perseverance, sometimes, to get exactly what you want, especially when you don’t control the most crucial element for the fulfilment of your wish, i.e. the weather.

However, fortunately, this desperate and unachieved quest for the perfect picture of Notre-Dame from its forecourt hasn’t been fruitless. Though I couldn’t get what I had come for, I still managed to take some pictures that made me happy this morning.

The first one (see above) is a picture of Quai des Orfèvres at dawn, with Notre-Dame in the background. I took it with my Nex 6 and my Zeiss 24f1.8 with a ND400 mounted on the lens so that I could reach an exposure time of 30′. It is one of my favourite views in Paris, and despite the lack of reflections (unlike in those photos), I really like it much. I think it looks timeless.

The second one is a classic picture of Notre-Dame de Paris, taken with my A6000 and my Zeiss 55f1.8, with a ND400 and a ND8 mounted on to enable a 30-second-long exposure time. The sun cast its golden light on the cathedral, while the blue sky reflected its colours in the Seine river. Even though it’s quite an unoriginal shot, I still like it a lot. And you know what they say : in photography, the key is to keep photographing, no matter what you get.

I hope you’ll enjoy those two new shots !

Notre-Dame in the early morning

Notre-Dame de Paris at sunrise

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