Lyon, Saint-Georges and Vieux Lyon photos

Photos taken in Lyon, France, a lovely city certainly worth a detour from Paris

Lyon, burning sky

Lyon, sunset over Saint-Georges

Last time I went to Lyon, I took the time to walk across the city at night and in the early morning to take some pictures of this city that I love so much.

I took several shots, and while some of them exceeded my expectations, I was quite disappointed by others, and discarded them. I’m quite used to selecting the pictures I post on this blog, and I don’t always make the right decisions.

Here are some pictures of Lyon I hadn’t posted at the time because I didn’t think they were worth sharing. I hope you’ll like them, however, and prove me wrong.

Lyon, passerelle du collège

Lyon, Passerelle du Collège

Rue des Trois Marie

Rue des Trois-Marie, Vieux Lyon

Rue Juiverie

Rue Juiverie, Vieux Lyon

Hôtel de Ville, Lyon

Hôtel de Ville, Lyon