City guide : Lyon, 58 Rue Mercière

Lyon’s most famous traboules are located in Vieux Lyon and Croix-Rousse. However, one of the most beautiful and secret traboules of Lyon can be found in Rue Mercière, in the Presqu’Île district.

Traboule, Lyon, France, 58 Rue Mercière, 27 Quai Saint-Antoine
Lyon, France : Traboule from 27 Quai Saint-Antoine to 58 Rue Mercière

If you’ve been reading this blog for quite over a year now, you must know that, aside from admiring sunrises from Fourvière and Croix-Rousse, one of my favourite activities in Lyon is visiting traboules, those local passageways that enable Lyonnais to cross the city without having to walk in the streets.

In Lyon, the most famous traboules are located in Vieux Lyon and Croix-Rousse districts. However, only a few Lyonnais know that there are many more traboules to visit in the Presqu’Île district. Quite a pity when you realise one of the most beautiful traboules of Lyon stretches from Rue Mercière to Quai Saint-Antoine, in the Presqu’Île district.

This traboule has two entrances : one at 58, Rue Mercière, and the second at 27, Quai Saint-Antoine. Both entrances give on long and dark galleries with magnificent vaulted ceilings. It’s a bit dark to take pictures, but it’s worth an attentive glance.

At the middle of the traboule, you will find a relatively large yard surrounded by red walls. On the Quai Saint-Antoine side of the yard, there’s a massive stone wells from the Renaissance era. However, the most impressive part of this yard is its sumptuous two-storied columned galleries. Last, the stone spiral staircase is one of the most beautiful staircases in Lyon.

If you ever visit Lyon, make sure to take a side trip to Rue Mercière and visit this traboule. As a side bonus, restaurants in Rue Mercière generally are better than those you can find in Vieux Lyon.

Lyon, France, traboule, 58 Rue Mercière, 27 Quai Saint-Antoine, Renaissance
Lyon, France : Traboule from 58 Rue Mercière to 27 Quai Saint-Antoine, staircase and Renaissance gallery
Spiral staircase, traboule between 58 Rue Mercière, 27 Quai Saint-Antoine, Lyon, France
Lyon, France : Spiral staircase in the traboule crossing between 27 Quai Saint-Antoine and 58 Rue Mercière