Lyon, France - Along the Rhône River I haven't written anything for a while now. Actually, I didn't know what to write. On November 26th, my grandfather died. He was 83. There's not much I can write about it, save I loved him and admired him. It's brought a long silence into my life. I [...]

Lyon, France : Puddle Photography

When the rain falls and reality splits as you kneel to the ground.

Puddle Photography in Lyon, France

When puddle photography leads you to discover your own city with a whole new look.

Lyon, France : Fourvière et Saint-Jean reflecting in the Saône river

Though they might seem to be competing, Saint-Jean Baptiste and Notre-Dame de Fourvière are rather complementary in the Lyonnais landscape. They somehow tell the singular history of Lyon.

Lyon : A walk along the Saône river on a winter morning

There's nothing like walking along the Saône river in the early morning in Lyon to fall in love with the city.