Paris viewed from the top of Notre-Dame at sunset

Despite pollution, Paris remains beautiful at sunset viewed from the top of Notre-Dame de Paris.

Parisian sunset from Centre Pompidou – Beaubourg rooftop

Photos taken from the rooftop of Centre Pompidou a.k.a. Beaubourg. A wonderful view on Notre-Dame, Tour Saint-Jacques and Paris in general.

The Eiffel Tower from Le Printemps

The view from Le Printemps' rooftop is one of the best you can enjoy in Paris, especially at sunset. Here are some pics to convince you.

Paris from Galeries Lafayette Haussmann’s roof terrace

The view from Galerie Lafayette's roof terrace Here I am again with my quest for the best spots in Paris to enjoy a view over the city. For those who haven't already read my previous articles, since the beginning of this blog, I've written about the most stunning views you could admire in Paris. The [...]

Paris from the top of Notre-Dame de Paris’ towers

"Grumpy gargoyle" I've lived in Paris for 7 months now, visited most of the main monuments you can admire in this wonderful city, and yet, yesterday morning, there were still two things that every tourist visiting Paris should do that I hadn't done : climbing up the Eiffel Tower and enjoying the view from the [...]