Lille, the capital city of Flanders

Take the train and discover Lille, the beautiful capital city of Flanders, with its rich history, its famous waffles, its majestic belfy, etc. Only one hour from Paris by train !

Rouen under the rain

Rouen is a beautiful place to visit, and photograph. But it's a much nicer city to visit when it's sunny and when your significant other is with you.

Lyon, France : Fourvière et Saint-Jean reflecting in the Saône river

Though they might seem to be competing, Saint-Jean Baptiste and Notre-Dame de Fourvière are rather complementary in the Lyonnais landscape. They somehow tell the singular history of Lyon.

Lyon, Passage Thiaffait

Lyon, France, Passage Thiaffait : one of the many traboules of Croix-Rousse you need to visit if you ever travel to Lyon, France.

Paris, Arc de Triomphe from Champs-Elysées at sunset

The view on the Arc de Triomphe from Champs-Elysées at sunset is one of the most beautiful views you can enjoy in Paris, provided the weather is clement.