Puddle Photography in Lyon : help me pick my 5 best photos

Despite my having gathered so many photo of Lyon, I haven’t ever printed one of them, or done an exhibition. Help me pick the ones you like the most !


Vieux Lyon, France - Place Neuve Saint-Jean reflecting in a puddle
Vieux Lyon, France – Place Neuve Saint-Jean reflecting in a puddle

As written in my previous article, I have gathered quite a high number of puddle photographs now, whether they’ve been taken in Paris or in Lyon. They have formed into two distinct series :

  • One on Lyon, my hometown and definitely the city I enjoy the most taking photos of. It’s a city that is quieter than Paris, fairly smaller so you can walk across the city in a day, and yet, it has so many distinct places to take photos of that every time I come back there, I find new photos to take. If you visit France and have some time before you, I strongly advise you to spend two days in Lyon (as a bonus, the food there is memorable, though I must confess it seems to be the case in almost every major French city).
  • One on Paris, my host city for 4 years soon, at least as enjoyable to photograph as Lyon, though you won’t be able to visit it all in a day. In all fairness, it’s a beautiful city to visit and explore, though like London, it can be quite expensive.

I’m not sure yet of what I want to do with these two series. Should I do an exhibition ? I must confess it makes me a bit anxious, because quality-wise, they’re clearly not on par with the photos that inspire me the most from other photographers. And yet, this would be a nice first step to making something more out of my hobby than just an Instagram feed.

This article gathers all the photos I would think of printing were I to do an exhibition on my puddle photos from Lyon. I’d most definitely pick 10 of them to print. Though I already have some preferences, I’m not sure of which ones I should pick. Could you help me with it, and tell me at least the 5 photos you like the best ? That would be so helpful of you.

I hope you’ll enjoy the photos, and thank you very much for your help !