Reflections of Paris

Puddles, again and again…


Paris, France - Boulevard de Sébastopol
Paris, France – Boulevard de Sébastopol

Though I often find myself saying I want to get out of puddle photography to delve into portrait photography, or macro photography, here I am again posting pictures of reflections in puddles.

I think I started photographing puddles a year and a half ago, now and since then, it’s become quite an obsession. It seems I just can’t get enough of it. I have to write an article with all the pictures of puddle reflections I’ve gathered so far later in September. There will be so many photos !

A friend of mine told me recently I should send them to some gallery and see if they could be sold. In all fairness, I don’t think they’re so good some gallery would accept them, but it made me smile. I don’t go out and take pictures to please, but I always feel very grateful when someone I like/love appreciates what I do.

I remember a year ago, I was almost about to stop photography, because it just reminded me too much of an old flame I’ve never really been able to get over with, and which is still hurtful today. But I’m glad I haven’t. All these pictures, though it was not intended at first, now form into a series that has become a part of my story.

However, I now want to move to something more social. Puddle photography and sunrise photography are passions hard to share, or rather, I find it hard to find someone as motivated as I am for this kind of photography. Seriously, I wake up at 5 twice a week, walk more than 10 miles in two hours every time I chase puddles to take reflection pictures : you have to be a bit crazy to do this. Sure everyone is crazy in some way, but this is not a very common kind of craziness.

I’m trying to convince some of my friends to let me take their portraits. I really want to do that a bit more (and if I like it, invest in some new gear). There’s something really powerful in the smile of a person who appreciates the portrait you’ve taken of him/her. It feels like what you do is useful, and there’s nothing that makes me happier than feeling useful to the people I care about, save maybe feeling loved by the person I love the most.

In the meantime, I’ll keep taking pictures of puddles/sunrises/traboules, and even maybe some macro (ah, I have to make a decision about buying a macro lens). Just a bit fewer. Maybe it will also save me some time so that I can make something out of the dozens of puddle reflection photos I have taken so far  without ever trying to make something out of them. That would be great if I could exhibit them.