Lyon : beauty in a puddle

Puddles, puddles, always puddles, and of course, always Lyon !


Lyon, France - Saint-Georges
Lyon, France – Saint-Georges

Though I’ve found myself unable to take any satisfying photo for the past two weeks, I still have loads of photos to share from the previous months, quite fortunately. In fact, I think the reason why I haven’t shared them yet is that they are so many that I always put up my publishing them on this blog to another day, to the extent I’ve ended up not publishing anything for quite a long time. I know : sometimes, my mind can get pretty irrational.

Anyway, tonight, I’ve decided to share some photos of Lyon.  I know, it’s not that original. But what can I do ? Lyon is one of my favourite places to photograph, and even though I found it quite gloomy the last time I went there, I still managed to find a way to spend three hours walking across the city in search of some good photos to take.

Of course, most of the photos I share are photos of places I like reflecting in puddles. Though I think I’ll move on to other photography interests sooner or later, and probably pretty soon to be quite fair, until now, it was enough to make me smile all day long when I was out taking pictures. This is exactly me : when I find something I like, I tend to stick to it for quite a long time, and it takes me a lot of effort to move on to something else. Or a new obsession !

But as I said, I’ll move on to other interests pretty soon. I just need winter to end, and a new macro lens to capture the beauty of nature coming back to life in Spring, my second favourite season after Fall.

In the meantime, I’ll focus on sharing most of the pictures I’ve gathered in the past year, and not taken the time to include in my articles.